Please consider the following possible debate topics:

1. Parents in general shouldn't let their daughters dress like prostitutes when they go to high school (or to junior high, for that matter).

2. Kids should have political science courses (civics) in school as early as possible to help them understand society.



The impact of globalization may be, all in all, the worst thing ever faced by the French language in North America, when it comes to its preservation."



1- Cannabis should be legalised in Canada.
2- Police must continue the scorpion investigation about juvenile prostitution in Quebec City.
3- Government shouldn't raise the tuition free for cegep and universities.



Considering that in accordance with the Penal Code of Canada:

- In 1892 a law was created to criminalize any type of abortion;

- In 1969 the law was amended to legalize abortion only when itís done in a hospital under the agreement of three physicians who certified that the pregnancy endangered the life or the health of the woman (Art. 251);

- In 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada invalidated the law of 1969 with the consequence that abortion is not a crime anymore in Canada;

- In 1989, the government of Brian Mulroney submitted a new law to the Parliament to recriminalize abortion, which was rejected by the Senate in 1991;

- Since 1988, abortion in Canada has been fully decriminalized and regulated by the same laws as any other medical procedure.

Pro or Con: A new law should be created by the government of Canada to recriminalize abortion, with the consequence that any person, including the pregnant woman, who is found guilty of having practised an abortion, can incur a prison sentence.



Canada should not take part in US military operations, even though the US is an allied country.

We have seen so many wars in which Canada has been involved just because an ally like the United Kingdom or the United States was part of it that sooner or later, we will have to re-think this. Recently, Canadian soldiers have been sent in Afghanistan, but for what reason?



1- All post-secondary students must experience a student strike to understand the importance of education in society and also to participate actively in democracy.

2-We must pay for each bag of trash that we leave for the dumping ground.

3-The government must increase welfare and unemployment benefits, because the cost of living is rising and access to better jobs is too (new clothes, transportation, training, etc.).



Homosexual marriages should be provided with the same benefits as conventional, heterosexual ones.


Should politicians be required to adopt a quasi-religious vocation?

Should private schools receive funds from the state, even though they are set up as superior to public schools in everything?

Should drugs be legalized in order to protect junkies from traffic and AIDS?

Should a public policy be removed if public opinion decides against it?

-All deputies must refuse anything that could be considered a gift (from companies) when they are in office, and for two years after they retire. If we find that they did receive a gift they must resign without discussion.

-Paedophile recidivists must be surgically (not chemically) castrated.


Capital Punishment should be allowed for dangerous criminals or criminals who are sentenced to life in prison.

Euthanasia should be allowed for sick people who ask for it.


1- Organ donation should be compulsory when people die.

2- Drunks drivers who are repeat offenders should lose their licences permanently and should receive

severe sentences.

3- T.V. producers shouldn't be allowed to show certain programs before 9:00 p.m. because children often watch T.V. after supper.

4- People who suffer from incurable diseases and who have a greatly diminished quality of life should have the choice to die or not.