Derivations exercise.

Derive the incomplete word properly. Then, read and record the part of the sentence in bold-face, with the appropriate pronunciation.

1) Our universe contains [-numer-] __________ stars and galaxies.

2) Similarly, the possible connections between the neurons in our brains cannot be [-numer-] __________.

3) The evidence for this is well [document-] _________.

4) There was a [document-] __________ about it last night.

5) Research on this topic is [dismay-] __________ slow.

6) Students enter the field because of its [-lur-] __________ novelty.

7) Our department is [deserve-] __________ famous for its work.

8) Prospective students apply [cease-] __________ for bursaries.

9) Only the most imaginative and [-nov-] __________ projects are considered.

10) The lab is a bee-hive of [boastful / bursting / bustling/ bastardly] activity. Distinguished foreign visitors come and go non-stop.

11) Only my mischievous nephew stays away. He is being disciplined for [-seem-] __________ behaviour at the faculty picnic.

12) Poor Melvin! I would not wish such a fate __________ anyone.

13) True, he is the [-bod-] __________ of bad taste!

14) Still, his presence here has been [-valu-] __________ to us. He has performed [flaw-] __________.

15) When he was told to leave, he just looked down [deject-] _________

16) I think the decision was [-necessar-] __________ severe and may have [-intend-] __________ effects.

17) He has the potential to go _____ ["do"] _____ many great things for science, and now, who knows, he may never come _____.

18) Another university has made him an offer. He is still [-decid-] __________. I hope he turns it _____.

19. He will surely go _____ ["do"] _____ his research. They can't take that _____ from him.

  1. Let's hope none of our competitors succeeds in scooping him _____.

Suggested Corrections.

  1. iNUmerable 2. eNUmerated 3. DOcumented 4. docuMENtary 5. disMAYingly 6. alLUring

7. deSERvedly 8. unCEASingly, CEASElessly 9. inNOvative (avoid common mispronunciation: INnovative) 10. BUstling 11. unSEEMly 12. on 13. emBOdiment 14. inVAluable, FLAWlessly

15. deJECtedly 16. unnecesSArily, uninTENded 17. to go on to do great things, come back

18. undeCIded, turns it down 19. go on doing research, take that away 20 scooping him up