Homework and hand-outs for ANL 14961B


Homework and hand-outs for ANL 14961B | Homework and hand-outs for ANL 19554N | Course Outline for ANL 14961B Course Outline and Reading Sets for ANL 19554N | Important dates, Description of homework and tests, and Student results listed by I.D.# | Letters from the students! | Poems and Speeches | Review material | The Life-Line | Transcriptions of recordings | Short Stories and Articles | Some notes on rhetoric, grammar, and phonology

Here is the sample recording you must create for me and hand in on Monday the 15th. You may use Lab 3 in DKN (near the language lab technicians' desk, DKN 0252) if you don't happen to have a tape recorder at home. Lab 3 is open all day week-days.

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