Suggested accent-patterns:

Monty recoiled instinctively. The bouquet, redolent and rancid, fell to his feet. He snatched it up hastily, hands a-shaking and knees a-knocking! The commanding officer seized him by both shoulders, and with one sharp, imperious jerk, directed him firmly towards the encamped federalist forces. "Remember to address their field marshal as "your Excellency"! He is an immensely wealthy foot-doctor, an illustrious Franistani defector with fruit-farms and magnificent properties. You must show proper humility in his presence! You must show deference to his august person!" The officer twirled and bowed illustratively.

Yet, how in fact could some desperate defector expect respect? Monty meditated apprehensively. The well-known scarcity of prosperous podiatrists made Monty worry about what he was being set up for. Not only was it well-known, but much-deplored by Athlete's Foot sufferers all over Energumenia. Indeed, from the wind-swept-steppes of the Upper Energumenian Plateau all the way down through the frozen Franistani lowlands, near New Samarkand, appropriate podiatric therapy was hardly ever to be had. So, who was this impersonator, waiting for Monty "the Mountaineer Emissary" and his foul-smelling poisoned-peace bouquet? Monty feared that his superior had engineered some sort of satanic double-cross…

1) Our universe contains [in-numer-able] __________ stars and galaxies.

2) Similarly, the possible connections between the neurons in our brains cannot be

[e-numer-ated] __________.

3) The evidence for this is well [document-ed] _________.

4) There was a [document-ary] __________ about it last night.

5) Research on this topic is [dismay-ingly] __________ slow.

6) Students enter the field because of its [al-lur-ing] __________ novelty.

7) Our department is [deserve-dly] __________ famous for its work.

8) Prospective students apply [cease-lessly / incessantly] __________ for bursaries.

9) Only the most imaginative and [in-nov-ative] __________ projects are considered.

10) The lab is a bee-hive of [bustling] activity. Distinguished foreign visitors come and go non-stop.

11) Only my mischievous nephew stays away. He is being disciplined for [un-seem-ly] __________ behaviour at the faculty picnic.

12) Poor Melvin! I would not wish such a fate ON__________ anyone.

13) True, he is the [em-bod-iment] __________ of bad taste!

14) Still, his presence here has been [in-valu-able] __________ to us. He has performed [flaw-lessly] __.

15) When he was told to leave, he just looked down [deject-edly] _________

16) I think the decision was [un-necessar-ily] __________ severe and may have

[un-intend-ed] __________ effects.

17) He has the potential to go ON_____ ["do"] TO DO_____ many great things for science, and now, who knows, he may never come BACK_____.

18) Another university has made him an offer. He is still [un-decid-ed] __________. I hope he turns it DOWN_____.

19. He will surely go ON_____ ["do"] DOING_____ his research. They can't take that AWAY_____ from him.

20. Let's hope none of our competitors succeeds in scooping him UP_____.


Here's what HAPPEN:ED at that staff party when my crazy nephew GET: GOT into trouble. Melvin and his colleagues at the Preposterous Inventions Department ALL, GATHER: HAD ALL GATHERED in the cafeteria for Dr. Ballistic's birthday party and they WAIT :WERE WAITING for Melvin to light the candles on the cake. After WAIT :WAITING / HAVING WAITED for several minutes, everyone started WONDER :WONDERING / TO WONDER where Melvin HIDE : WAS HIDING. I had a suspicion that something GO ON :WAS GOING ON. Melvin SAY: HAD SAID something the week before about HIS PROFESSOR, USE : HIS PROFESSOR'S USING the new experimental portable laser pistol to light his cigars. I also knew that Melvin TRY :HAD BEEN TRYING for weeks to get his hands on that laser pistol, but that Dr. Ballistic KEEP : WAS KEEPING it in his office to demonstrate to those Japanese purchasers who VISIT :VISITED / WERE VISITING / WERE GOING TO VISIT later that month. We WAIT HAD BEEN WAITING for what seemed like an hour when suddenly I realized what Melvin MUST, DO : MUST BE DOING / MUST HAVE DONE. He BE : WAS / HAD BEEN in Dr. Ballistic's office, and he LIGHT WAS GOING TO LIGHT the candles on the cake with the laser pistol! I was standing in the cafeteria doorway, and I could hear footsteps APPROACH:ING. Thinking it was Melvin, I turned around. Just as I turned away, Melvin's laughter rang out from the other direction -he HIDE : HAD BEEN HIDING in the refrigerator all that time with the laser pistol, WAIT : ING for us to get really impatient! No sooner had he jumped out than I heard him TURN ON : TURN ON the laser power-pack. It was too late to stop him. Before we knew it, that klutz Melvin BURN : HAD BURNED at least twenty holes in the walls, the furniture, peoples' clothes, etc., etc.

His behaviour at his own birthday party was no better. That week, his team EXPERIMENT : HAD BEEN EXPERIMENTING around the clock with a new, revolutionary exploding bubble-gum. At first, they NOT, BE ABLE : WERE NOT ABLE / HAD NOT BEEN ABLE to find a way to delay the explosion until the bubble was outside the chewer's mouth. However, they DISCOVER:ED the solution at last -the bubble had to come into contact with chocolate. That day too, I suspected that Melvin TRY : WAS GOING TO TRY something funny, and as usual, I INTERVENE : ED too late. Once we TURN : HAD TURNED down the lights and SING : SUNG / HAD SUNG / SANG "Happy Birthday", I could hear Melvin BLOW :ING, but the candles NOT, GO OUT : WEREN'T GOING OUT / DIDN'T GO OUT! I tried SNATCH:ING the cake away, but I was too slow. Pow! Splat! And the party was over. Dr. Ballistic, who JUST, SPLATTER :HAD JUST BEEN SPLATTERED from head to toe with stinky bubble-gum and chocolate, simply observed, "Now, gentlemen, was that really hygienic?" He was quite calm. After all, he HIS NICE NEW SUITS, SPLATTER HAD BEEN GETTING HIS NICE NEW SUITS SPLATTERED at staff parties for years.


Complete each of the sentences. The completed sentence must include one of the following time expressions : constantly, intermittently, rarely, frequently, every day/night, day and night, non-stop, without ever stopping for air, as often/rarely as possible (non event-counting); once, once or twice, once too often, three times, several/countless times, only once/twice so far, time after time, on several occasions (event-counting).

Ever since Dracula moved into our neighbourhood, …we have been constantly seeking ways to have him deported to Hungary.

Since 1997, when the Red Cross suspended its deliveries to the area, …we have suffered shortages countless times.

Between 1999 and 2001, Dracula…attacked the blood-bank in the next town on several occasions.

It's strange, but so far only two citizens…have formally complained about him constantly littering the streets with empty Poly-Grip boxes.

Before he moved into this town, nothing …worse than rampant head lice had ever troubled the community, and that has only happened once so far.

During the first years that he was here, the local anti-vampire committee…requested on several occasions that the government send Dracula back to Romania or Hungary.

The local AVC was founded when…a bloody kleenex turned up once too often in a strange place.

During that month, …the citizens left their houses as rarely as possible.

Over the past three years, the commitee…has had to put off its meetings time after time because the members were afraid to attend.

The committee members seem to be having difficulty…agreeing on why the meetings should be held more frequently.

Once the committee members reach a consensus, …they rarely succeed in putting anything into action.

The people where he was living before had tried something similar, but by the time they…agreed on aggressive measures, the strongest men in the village had started falling sick every day.

At last, the mayor in that town resigned because the townspeople…were complaining non-stop about his ineffectual policies.

Since these methods don't seem to be very effective, …we will introduce various new approaches, and experiment with them as often as possible.

Once, the army invaded his castle, …and the soldiers found evidence that he had been drinking Heinz-Perrier Tomato Coolers day and night in every room.

While many citizens are pleased with Dracula's generous contributions to the public library and to the 4-H Club (something like the "Cercle des Fermières"), others still …try, but only intermittently, to start some sort of vigilante group to get him out.