Lesson 10


1. shopping cart

2. food processor

3. frying pan

4. taxi driver

5. winter vacation

6. very long vacation

7. factory worker, hard job

8. automobile factories

9. college students, school supplies, dollar store

10. pretty long meeting


1. He took a two-week vacation

2. a driver's licence

3. the book return

4. I'm too tired

5. (fine)

6. two wonderful children

7. a long-distance phone call

8. I need a big one.

9. (fine)

10. a two-year program


Ex.3 Illustrative sentences.


The library has many heavily-occupied Internet posts.

The student residences offer some badly-needed student services.

The university football team holds the much-coveted Broken Shields award.



1. answer every question honestly

2. drive fast

3. cook well

4. talk constantly

5. work hard (NOTE: compare "working hard" with "hardly working")

6. study hard

7. speak Chinese fluently

8. type fast

9. type accurately

10. pronounce "th" correctly

11. live dangerously

12. love passionately

13. meditate quietly

14. sleep soundly

15. learn easily

16. live comfortably

17. react hot-headedly when asked to use mouth-wash



1. good

2. carefully

3. professional

4. perfect

5. hard

6. carefully

7. neat

8. conservative

9. early

10. usual

11. well

12. extremely nervous

13. difficult

14. in a friendly way

15. clearly

16. hardly

17. good

18. well


Ex.6 Illustrative sentences.

A good, competent, professional, service minded hockey-puck sales representative*

1. Knows how hockey pucks are made.

2. Can explain their use with a few clear words and gestures.

3. Is able to identify quickly the customer's exact hockey-puck needs.

4. Is always prepared to offer well-informed comparisons of his competitors' product with his own.

5. Can demonstrate his products' special, distinctive qualities without damaging the customer's living room.

*The generic masculine is used in this text without any implied prejudice or discrimination.



1. big enough

2. enough money

3. too expensive

4. old enough

5. enough time

6. too seriously


Ex.8 Illustrative sentences.

1. I'm not too old to become an expert hockey-puck sales representative.

2. I'm too young to join the army and go get myself shot!

3. I'm not tall enough to become a really good basketball sales representative!

4. I have enough money to take the Greyhound bus back to Poughkeepsie.

5. I don't have enough time to study Sign Language and take Tai Chi. I will have to choose one and drop the other.

6. I don't speak Hindi well enough to negociate a complex contract.


Ex.9 Illustrative sentences.

1. Are you too busy to explain the proper use of this automatic hockey-puck shooting machine?

2. Is it too hard for you to tell me in my language how to use it?

3. Do we have enough time to go through a complete demonstration together?

4. Are you strong enough to shoot the puck back and make the bell ring?

5. Do you have enough experience with automatic hockey-puck shooting machines to fix this one?



1. very

2. too

3. too

4. very

5. too

6. very

7. very

8. too

9. very

10. too



1. [who doesn't smoke]

2. [who placed the ad]

3. [who write ads]

4. [who are looking for a partner]



Ex.12 Illustrative sentences with adjective clauses.

I know some women who turn green when they hear the word "hockey puck".

1. I like men who know the difference between a hockey puck and Vachon cake.

I like women who don't mind discussing the latest news in hockey puck design.

2. A friend is a person who remembers to save magazine clippings about Grain Wetzky for you.

3. Students like a teacher who gives easy, clear examples, e.g., about hockey, television, and so on.

4. Teachers like students who keep their hockey pucks in their pockets during class.

5. There are a lot of Canadians whose dearest dream is to play with Grain Wetzky.

6. There are a lot of people in my country who have never heard of Grain Wetzky.

7. I like apartments that have shiny varnished floors so that I can slide around like Grain Wetzky!


Ex.13 Suggested illustrative sentences.

1. Women who learn the rudiments of hockey are very popular.

2. People who neglect essential social realities like curling and hockey aren't usually successful.

3. People who just sit at home and watch hockey have trouble finding a spouse.

4. Parents who know how to skate and serve poutine are good.

5. Parents who think playing chess is more fun than playing hockey aren't good.

6. Women whose sons and husbands are always gone to play hockey have a hard life.



1. People who gossip don't know the difference between right and wrong.

2. People who can't read or write make deadly mistakes when medicine is prescribed for them.

3. People who have lost their jobs experiences terrible feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing.

4. People who exercise regularly often have a superior self-image.


Ex.15 Illustrative definitions.

1. a baby sitter is a person who is paid to stay with under-aged minors while their parents go out to have some fun at the hockey-rink by themselves.

2. an immigrant is a person who has moved to Canada from another country to learn more about hockey

3. an adjective is a word that is added to another word naming a thing, to describe that thing

4. a verb is a word that refers to activities or situations that are true of some person or thing that can initiate or experience those activities or situations!

5. a fax machine is a device that is used to send pictures or hand-written documents over the telephone


Ex.16. Illustrative questions and answers.

It is round and hard.

Is it one of Mickey Mouse's ears?

No, it isn't. It isn't a part of something. Also, it is small and flat.

Is it a CD?

No, it isn't used to play music, it's used to play hockey.

So it's round and hard and small and flat and is used to play hockey… and I bet it's black.

Yes, it is all of those things. So what is it?



1. [he put in the paper]

2. [whom he met through his ad]

3. [I want to marry]

4. [he doesn't like]


Ex.18  Suggested answers.

1. We sometimes don't appreciate the things we get from our doting parents.

2. I tell my problems to people I know will understand my personal pain and agony.

3. I once had a teacher I couldn't stand because of her awful bad breath.

4. Canadians sometimes say things I just can't believe.

5. There are many Canadian customs I find quite alarming.

6. Do you follow the advice your parents give you so generously?




1. I shoplifted

2. is wearing

3. I had

4. saw

5. borrowed from my brother

6. the teacher makes

7. spoken

8. are saying



1. [whose attendance is bad]

2. [whose explanations are clear]

3. [whose compositions are good]

4. [whose class I took last term]

5. [whose names I can't pronounce]



1. [, whose dogs are well-trained,]

2. There seems to be a mistake in this sentence. Can you tell me what it is?

3. [whose cars or houses contain illegal drugs]

4. [whose hobbies are the same as his]

5. [whose names I don't remember]

6. [whose language I speak]

7. [whose class I took last term]

8. [whose book I bought]




1. I'd like to marry a man whom I can trust.

2. I don't want a husband who drinks.

3. I want to marry a man who shares my interests.

4. I'd like to marry a man whose family I like.

5. I'd like to marry a man who has (or: a man with) a sense of humour.

6. I'd like to marry a man who wants to have children.

7. I want to marry a man who won't give me hockey pucks for my birthday.



1. I'd like to marry a woman with a sense of humour.

2. I'd like to marry a woman whose wisdom I can admire.

3. I'd like to marry a woman who is independent.

4. I'd like to marry a woman whose mother doesn't interfere.

5. I'd like to marry a woman whom I have known for a long time.

6. I'd like to marry a woman who wants to have a lot of kids.

7. I'd like to marry a woman who won't give me a subscription to the local gym for my birthday.


Ex.23 Illustrative sentences.

1. I know a woman who can shoot like Grain Wetsky.

2. I have a TV that always makes a weird buzzing sound.

3. My father is a person who likes to collect exotic abdominal parasites from all over Asia.

4. My mother is a person who would rather tame wild horses than sit around in the kitchen.

5. The textbook you are holding in your hot little hands is called Glamour in Context.

6. I would like to buy a car that will make my silly neighbours turn green with envy.

7. I have a neighbour who is always trying to "keep up with the Jones'".

8. I don't like people who let their dogs defecate on my lawn.

9. A real friend is a person who refers to Grain Wetsky and hockey pucks as often as you do.