Lesson 13.


A. Hello?!

B. Hi. This is Kim.

A. Hi, Kim. What's up?

B. I AM LOOKING for someone to go to the movies with me. What ARE YOU DOING right now?

A. I AM STUDYING for my test.

B. DO YOU WANT to go out for a while and take a break?

A. I can't I AM TRYING to memorize vocabulary words. I have to know fifty words for tomorrow's test.

B. How often DO YOU HAVE a vocabulary test?

A. Once a week.

B. DO YOU MEAN that you have to memorize fifty words per week?!

A. Yes. Every Friday, the teacher GIVES a vocabulary test.

B. I THINK that's terrible.

A. It's not as bad as it SEEMS. Every day, I LEARN ten words. Every Thursday, I REVIEW my list. And every Friday, I TAKE the test. My vocabulary IS IMPROVING a lot this term.

B. How DO YOU learn new words?

A. I always WRITE them on cards with the translation on the back. I STUDY my cards whenever I HAVE free time. Someone always gives me a practice test.

B. Who GIVES you a practice test?

A. My roommate usually does.


Material in parentheses must be removed or corrected. Sentences in parentheses are wrong, and are followed by the correction. Corrections are in CAPITAL LETTERS, as well as things that need to be INSERTED.

1. If you (will) study here next term, you will learn a lot.

2. She will (be) meet her sister after class.

Compare for meaning:

She is meeting her sister after class;

She will be meeting her sister after class;

She meets her sister after class.

3. (FINE.)

4. (The term I studying English and math.) THIS TERM I AM STUDYING ENGLISN AND MATH.

5. Learning a new language (take) TAKES a long time.

6. They (are having) HAVE a beautiful house.

7. (FINE.)

8. (You will going to learn a lot of English.) Possible corrections, depending on meaning:




9. Before I (will) go home today, I will go to the library.

10. Will you BE angry if I use your car?

11. You can relax. I WILL cook dinner tonight.

12. (FINE.)



The numbers correspond to the missing conjugations.

1. I am writing; I'll write

2. I wait; I am waiting

3. I am taking

4. I like

5. we have; we are having; we will have

6. arrives

7. we will study

8. He knows

9. I don't understand

10. he explains

11. we study

12. we are studying

13. he is going to show me

14. I see

15. He is walking

16. I will write

17. when I have


1. started

2. was studying

3. fell

4. had

5. went

6. lived

7. was waiting

8. studied

9. got

10. was travelling

11. thought

12. was

13. arrived

14. was waiting

15. took

16. were driving

17. looked

18. seemed

19. was thinking

20. said

21. started


1. I have been working / I have worked

2. I have been trying

3. I have had

4. I have not found

5. I am not losing hope

6. I worked / I used to work

7. I haven't learned

8. are talking

9. I have always wanted


1. I dropped the mirror and it (was breaking) BROKE.

2. She (was) lived in Pakistan when she was a child.

3. I HAVE worked at my present job since January.

4. I HAVE been watching you for several minutes.

5. (I'm) I HAVE BEEN studying English since I came to Canada.

6. (FINE.)

7. I (slept) WAS SLEEPING when the phone rang.

8. He didn't (knew) KNOW the answer.



1. were eating

2. came

3. followed

4. said

5. have been

6. have decided

7. left

8. went

9. felt

10. am looking

11. buy

12. look

13. have not found

14. suggested

15. went

16. was waiting

17. noticed

18. saw

19. was writing

20. came

21. introduced

22. took

23. gave

24. will start

25. am going to call

26. hope

27. need

28. find

29. will save / am going to save



1. (I am waiting for you all morning. Where was you?) I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU ALL MORNING. WHERE WERE YOU?

2. (FINE.)

3. Have you ever (being in) BEEN TO New Brunswick?

4. There (are) IS a lot of rain in the spring.

5. THERE are a lot of poor people in the world.

6. What (was) WERE they doing when the fire started?

7. How long have you (being) BEEN in Canada?

8. We (was) WERE watching a movie on T.V. when the phone rang.

9. She IS talking on the phone now.

10. My sister IS in Poland now.



1. You must (to) help me.

2. I can't (using) USE my table.

3. (FINE.)

4. (FINE.)

5. (FINE.)

6. She needs to (talk) TALK with Mr. Jerkson.

7. She wants (he fix) HIM TO FIX the table.

8. I wanted him (paid) TO PAY for the damage.

9. I don't like TO write letters.

10. She didn't want him to (went) GO home.

11. It's important TO explain the problem.

12. (FINE.)

13. I'm sorry TO keep you waiting.

14. (FINE.)

15. He wanted to (drove) DRIVE my car.

16. I'm not able TO help you.



1. (FINE.)


3. Did she (drove) DRIVE to the party?

4. (When you father came to Canada?) When did you Father come to Canada?

5. What (was) were you doing when the accident happened?

6. (FINE.)

7. (When arrived the airplane?) WHEN DID THE AIRPLANE ARRIVE?

8. (FINE.)

9. (FINE.)


11. (What profession do your husband have?) WHAT IS YOUR HUSBAND'S PROFESSION?

12. (How often he goes for a haircut?) HOW OFTEN DOES HE GO FOR A HAIRCUT?

13. (What you will do on your vacation?) WHAT WILL YOU DO ON YOUR VACATION?

14. Who (know) KNOWS the answer to my question?

15. (When will arrive your father from Vietnam?) WHEN WILL YOUR FATHER ARRIVE FROM VIETNAM?

16. (How spell your name?) HOW DO YOU SPELL YOUR NAME?

17. (What means "bug"?) WHAT DOES "BUG" MEAN?

18. (What language he's speaking now?) WHAT LANGUAGE IS HE SPEAKING NOW?

19. (FINE.)

20. (FINE.)

21. (FINE.)

22. (Why you can't finish the job?) WHY CAN'T YOU FINISH THE JOB?

23. (FINE.)

24. (How you are old?) HOW OLD ARE YOU?

25. (FINE.)



1. happened

2. moved / were moving

3. were carrying

4. dropped

5. broke

6. pointed

7. said

8. I have been living

9. I have not heard

10. I am getting angry

11. is

12. want

13. to come

14. come

15. will see

16. want

17. to take

18. you can either pay

19. receive

20. know

21. have

22. have used

23. have recommended

24. if you do not fix

25. will never use

26. will tell

27. do not take



1. She hasn't been living in her apartment for very long.

2. He won't receive a letter from a happy customer.

3. They didn't break anything else.

4. She doesn't write a letter when she's satisfied with the service.

5. She wasn't living on Thompson Road.

6. He doesn't need to / have to fix the rest of the table.

7. She isn't going to tell her friends good things about this company.

8. Margaret cannot ignore this problem.



1. When did Margaret move to a new apartment?

2. How long has she lived in her new apartment?

3. Why is she complaining?

4. When will Mr. Jerkson receive his letter?

5. Why won't she use this company again?

6. Who broke the table?

7. How much should Mr. Jerkson pay Margaret?

8. When does Margaret want him to look at the table?

9. Why hasn't Mr. Jerkson called her?

10. Who(m) is Margaret going to tell about her problem?

11. How many times has Margaret used this company before?

12. What does she want Mr. Jackson to do?

13. Where were they carrying it when they dropped it?



1. (I and my sister…) MY SISTER AND I…

2. (Before arrived his father…) BEFORE HIS FATHER ARRIVED…

3. (She read very quickly the letter) SHE READ THE LETTER VERY QUICKLY.

4. (We from time to time go to a baseball game.) FROM TIMWE TO TIME, WE GO TO A BASEBALL GAME.

5. (FINE.)

6. (She can't the lesson understand.) SHE CAN'T UNDERSTAND THE LESSON.

7. (FINE.)

8. (It's very expensive their house.) THEIR HOUSE IS VERY EXPENSIVE.

9. (The car that bought my brother cost $9000.) THE CAR MY BROTHER BOUGHT…

10. (Is very interesting your composition.) YOUR COMPOSITION IS VERY INTERESTING.

11. THERE are a lot of new books in the library.

12. London IS a very beautiful city.

13. He didn't go skiing yesterday beacause IT was too cold.

14. (FINE.)

15. My wife made dinner when SHE came home from work.

16. IT is important to speak…

17. I didn't understand (nothing) ANYTHING the teacher said.

18. (I go to bed usually at 11:30.) I USUALLY GO TO BED AT 11:30.

19. (FINE.)

20. (You should bring always your dictionary to class.) YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BRING YOUR DICTIONARY TO CLASS.

21. (FINE.)

22. My wife (she) is very intelligent.

23. He doesn't have (no) ANY money for college.