Lesson 7




1.             Do you want to learn another language?

                Well, yes, if it doesn't take too many years.

                No, I think everyone else should learn my language!


2.             Do you plan to take classes here next year?

                Oh, yes! Besides, I have a crush on the language lab technician.

                No way! I owe the government enough money already.


3.             Do you hope to speak English fluently?

                Yes, I do. It's "the real thing"!

                No, not really. I just want to be able to understand cook-books and racing forms.


4.             Do you like to write compositions?

                Yes indeed, especially scary children's stories.

                No, I can't stand sitting and thinking so much.


5.             Will you continue to speak your native language at home?

                Yes, I certainly will. My children won't obey me if they don't know what I'm saying!

                No, I probably won't. Besides, my own children have already forgotten it.


6.             Do you try to read novels in English?

                Yes, I occasionally do.

                No, I never have tried.


7.             Do you plan to move this year?

                Yes, I do.

                No, I don't.


8.             Do you need to own a fax machine?

                Yes, I do.

                No, I don't.


9.             Do you expect to return to your country?

                Yes, I do.

                No, I don't.




1.             I like to read the newspaper in Braille.

                I like for my children  to read about their Litvak heritage.

                I like for my Mother to read me little Hallowe'en stories.


2.             My dog does not like to eat tofu spaghetti.

                I do not like for him to eat in my office.


3.             I want to visit Vilna with my Aunt Vivian.

                I want Vanessa to visit Vilna with Vivian.


4.             I have decided to go to the Crimean for Christmas.


5.             I am trying to learn Sign Language and Esperanto.


6.             I began to study Taxidermy when my favorite parakeet passed away.



Ex.3         (Hmm.)





1.             The teacher doesn't want anyone to talk to another student during the test.


2.             The teacher wants us to study like crazy before each test.


3.             The teacher doesn'T want anybody to copy another student's homework.


4.             The teacher wants us to learn English.


5.             The teacher doesn'T want us to speak our native language in class.


6.             The teacher wants us to improve our punctuation.





1.             I expect the teacher to correct the homework.

2.             I expect the teacher to give tests.

3.             I don't expect the teacher to speak my language.

4.             I expect the teacher to help me after class.

5.             I expect the teacher to come to class on time.

6.             I expect the teacher to pass all the students.

7.             I don't expect the teacher to know a lot about my country.

8.             I expect the teacher  to answer my questions in class.

9.             I don't expect the teacher to teach us Canadian history.

10.           I don't expect the teacher to pronounce my name correctly.





1.             My landlady wants me to clean my apartment.

2.             I want my landlady to return my deposit.

3.             She expected my family to clean the carpet!

4.             The landlord expects you to sign a lease.

5.             The tenant wants the landlady to install a smoke detector.

6.             The landlord expects the tenants to return the keys.

7.             The landlord wanted him to move out by July 1.


Ex.7         Suggested answers.


1.             It's important to wash your sea-food carefully before cooking it.

2.             It's impossible to tell whether the water is contaminated before you drink it.

3.             It's possible that the virus has travelled this far north.

4.             It's necessary for the inspectors to take some samples from your house-pets.

5.             It's dangerous to share your bubble-gum with someone you don't know.

6.             It isn't good to stick your bubble-gum underneath your desk!

7.             It is essential that you disinfect your clothes before you get off the airplane.



Ex.8         Suggested answers.


1.             It's not important for me to get a university degree.

2.             It's only moderately important for me to find an interesting job.

3.             It's really not important for me to have a car.

4.             It's rather important for me to speak English well.

5.             It's relatively important to read and write English well.

6.             It's not that important for me to study Canadian history.

7.             It is awfully important for me to become a Canadian citizen.

8.             It isn't all that important for me to have a **!* television set.



Ex.9         Suggested corrections.


1.             It's important for us to know why westudy certain things.

2.             It's difficult for Canadians to understand the suffering and deprivation of poor people.

3.             It's easy for the teacher to choose between the perfect and the perfect progressive!

4.             It's necessary for children to be properly protected from popular television.

5.             It's difficult for a woman to understand why men stare at them.

6.             It's difficult for a man to think about anything important when he is around too many women.



Ex.10       Suggested corrections


1.             I was lucky to fall between the wheels of that truck, rather than under them.

2.             I'm proud to have passed that First Aid course without any help from my mother.

3.             I'm sometimes afraid to sit down in front of the computer alone.

4.             I'm not afraid to stand up to my computer and tell it exactly what I think.

5.             I'm not ready to apply any of those First Aid techniques that I have just learned.



Ex.12       (Note: the choice of modals here is highly variable.)


1.             We aren't allowed to smoke in the cafeteria.

2.             Students must not talk during a test.

3.             Students may use their dictionaries when they write compositions.

4.             Students should write a test with a pencil.

5.             Students are allowed to repeat a course.

6.             Students may sit in any seat they want.

7.             Students may use their textbooks during a test.

8.             Students aren't allowed to make a copy of thier textbooks.



Ex.13       Suggested questions and answers.


1.             Are we allowed to pull off the teacher's wig?

                No, we aren't. We're not supposed to pull off the teacher's wig.

2.             Do we have to stand and salute when the teacher comes to class?

No, we don't have to do anything like that when he shows up, but we mustn't make too much noise when he's talking.

3.             Can we play cards and practise French kick-boxing during the class?

Yes and no; we are only allowed to do those things when the teacher is in the rest-room combing his wig.