1.      One nice paragraph. Do you know someone like Walter Mitty? In other words, what is ‘Mittyism’?

The people who suffer from this mental state are living in two worlds. One is the fantastic world in their mind, INwhich they are always famous and heroic, and the other is the real world, WHERE/IN WHICHwhich they have problems when it’s time to react. Sometimes, these people are subjected to many years AS(being) the subordinate of someone else. There’s A triggering event, which DRIVES THEM INTO THEIR…push them in their fantastic world.

Note :NO MEANING(Instead of who Mr. Finley talked in class), I can’t find another NUexamples of Mittyism.

2.      Write two very concise paragraphs, as explained at the end of the article on in-laws and socio-biology. Obviously, this is an exercise in modals of speculation and non-real (=hypothetical) conditionals.

WHAT?This makes sense in our evolutionary world where only THE STRONG LIVE…strong ones lives and the others VFdies, THIS CONNECTOR MAKES NO SENSE HERE (and then) the mother-in-law could have a specific duty in NO ARTICLE HERE!the natural selection. A grandmother could have a genetic interest in lowering the survival chances of the weak child, who can be retarded or suffering FROMto a FC!!mortal disease. In those centuriesWHEN?, if a family HADgot LOTSlot of retarded WF!child, WHAT??it wouldn’t have any NUchances OF BECOMING…to be rich and famous. In these centuriesWHEN??, NO ARTICLE!!the science wasn’t able to explain this phenomenon and WHO?they simply NO MEANING(told that) the retarded people were possessed by demons.  DOESN’T ANSWER THE QUESTION IN ANY WAY.


It is impossible to MAKEdo a association like this one, because THERE ARE…there’s contradictions. If the mother-in-law were supposed to have some genetic interest, she wouldn’t have any interests or any reasons to harass her daughter-in-law. Logically, if the mother-in-law HASgot any genetic interest, she would be concerned and very careful about her grand children, simply because it’s her only chance to perpetuate her geneticWORD MISSING?. Whether or not the mother-in-law ever has got those intentions, she can’t be sure if she’s doing right, so there’s no reason UNINTELLIGIBLE( that her genetic can) tell her to do something while she isn’t sure. HOW DOES THIS ANSWER THE QUESTION??


1-           When I read the story of Walter Mitty, I SPtought of one of my friends who CT WITH ‘WISH’ OR ‘HOPE’?hopes that her love stories CO/WC(could be) the same as the ones in the movies and ON THE… T.V. series that she always COwatch. Because she is not even able to make a move to start a relationship with somebody, she is FC?deceived by her real life and she creates for herself SP!(an other) world, which is based on her T.V. shows.

                After my reading of “ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and my reflection on my friend’s situation, I can describe my own definition of people like Walter Mitty. They are people who are not satisfied WITHof their own NUlife and who don’t know what to do to change it. So, to make their NUlife easier to live, they imagine and FRENCH USE OF THIS WORDlive fantasies that TAKEbring them far from the reality that they don’t like. It’s like an easy way to escape FROM… problems they are not able to face.


2-           If I were in charge of a research project to check the results of this study, I would EXPRESSION!(look to find) if REF?the infant mortality can be VFassociate with other possible causes. First, I would try to find out more information about the socio-economic conditions of families in which very young babies died, because poor families have COUNTABLE?less resources, so NUthere’s more chances for a young baby to die in those conditions. Other factors could have had an impact on the dead of the babies and it would be important to analyse these too, like the age of the mother at the child’s birth, the rank of the child in the family and the size of the family.

                On the other hand, if my objective VFwas to defend the theory of sociobiology about the behaviour of paternal grandmothers, I would say that they want more than just TO perpetuate their genes, but they also want to have a strong WC/FC/WFdescendance.  That would explain the fact that the grandmothers could continue their negative and harmful behaviour while their NUdaugther-in-law are already pregnant. In fact, they could do that because they want to be sure that the child to come would be strong SP!enought to perpetuate the genes of the family. So, if the child died, it means that he VFwere not strong SPenought to NS!!survey.


Assume that the research is incomplete, that the inferences about the "nice vs. nasty" grandmothers are wrong, and that the statistics show association, not causation. If you were in charge of a research project to check these results, what other statistics or data would you look for to help explain this pattern of infant mortality?


I think we should look at the possible historical events (YOU’RE NOT INTERESTED IN THE FICTITIOUS ONES?) that COhappen WHERE?there. We may find some logical explanation FOR WHAT?. We should try to WCsee the rank of each birth. We should BADLY GARBLED(look also the job) of each mother and her financial situationWHERE WILL YOU FIND SUCH INFORMATION?. The FC!!experience should be CO??WF?redo in other NUcity of WHAT PERIOD?this period. VERY UNCLEAR.We may compare results with fresh data too.




Now assume, on the other hand, that this application of the theory of sociobiology is correct, and that there is indeed some connection -probably causal, not merely associative- between the behaviour of grandmothers and infant mortality. What possible evolutionary advantage might there be in a paternal grandmother's negative and harmful behaviour?


This theory would explain that the maternal grandmother have a big effect on EXCRUCIATING CT(the chance to survive of a newborn baby). ItWHAT? can be VFexplain because the grandmother wants, at all cost, TO transmit her genes. She may want also to WRONG WORD!avoid adulterous matings to increase NU(the chance) OF TRANSMITTING…to transmit her own genes. If the baby COwas dying in the first month, it would be just because he was not WO!(enough strong).


Walter Mitty is a person who can dream when he is WFwoke up. In this caseWHAT CASE?, he seems to dream to escape FROM his boring life. Other people escape FROM… WHY THIS ARTICLE HERE?the reality like him for NONSENSE SPELLING!others reasons. Snoopy is a good example OF WHAT? when he imagines that he is a great author or when he thinks that he is in NU!a big dogfights.

1. Someone like Walter Mitty


When I read this story, I immediately COhave thought to one of my high school friends who NUhave almost the same behaviour ASthan Walter Mitty. His name is Vincent and he COwas often escaping from reality through daydreaming like Walter Mitty. At the break or the lunchtime, I usually joined Vincent and four other friends. Often, Vincent began to talk with us and few minutes later, he stopped talking and it was very difficult to WO/CT/WC(wake up this person). Like Walter Mitty, some triggering factors of the beginning of our conversation lead him to invent wild scenarios. When he was daydreaming, we often asked him: “Hey WRON EXCLAMATION!Ho! Are you still INat VincenteLand?” However, I think Vincent was not as dangerous and unaware as Walter Mitty. WCThen, ‘Mittyism’ is the use of STRANGE MEANING(a larger than life imagination) to escape from reality through daydreaming and to FRENCH USE OF THIS WORD!!live events that are more exciting.


2. Infant Mortality: Trouble with the In-Laws


If I were in charge of a research project to check these results, I would TIME FRAMEhave looked for the many other factors PU  SUCH AS…like culture, religion, THEweather of the town!!!, THE/WFeconomical WCstate of the country and other CT(country’s characteristic). I would also try to fin data showing that DNA NUdo not MEANING?(leads behaviour). There is a contradiction INCOMPLETE FORMULATION(with the point of harassment), which might well have an adverse effect on a woman’s foetus and early in a child’s life, because the continued tormenting action of the grandmothers could harm (to)! REF??their own genetic heritage.


If I were trying to prove that the theory of sociobiology is correct, I would probably have exposed all possible connections between the behaviour of grandmothers and infant mortality. The harassment of paternal grandmothers might be an evolutionary advantage for the baby. FRENCH WORD?Effectively, this behaviour might lead the baby to develop a great capacity of adaptation. If the baby can handle the stress, he will have better chance to survive.



The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


I think that Mittism is a kind of day dreaming. AVOID THIS BREATHLESS MELODRAMATIC STYLE OF LEAVING INCOMPLETE SENTENCES PARTS STREWN THROUGHOUT THE TEXT!A day dreaming for self-effaced people, WF/NONSENSE(whom they) seem to not be able to FC?affirm themselves in society. As I read in the text, Walter Mitty seems to be lead AROUND by his wife in EVERYeach aspect of his life. He can’t MAKE!!take any decision of his own because his wife ??(takes all of it). So, people Like Mr Mitty use their imagination to escape from that reality. They use any stimulus from their daily NUlife to become “the hero” of their dreams. In the story, Walter Mitty is always FRENCH?(a principal) actor of his stories. For example, he’s a hydroplane commander, a famous doctor or an army captain. In other words, he’s never self-effaced in dream AS HE IS IN… like he’s in reality. People like Mr Mitty imagine that they are important people whom they will never be, WHAT?it’s a kind of fantasy.



Infant Mortality: Trouble With The In-Laws


The whole theory might be based on a contradiction; WO OF QUESTION!how the paternal grandmother’s behaviour could NS!insure her genetic continuity by killing all THE babies her son and daughter-in-law WC!got? REF?Conclusions were WF!illogic; all those behaviours were VFsuppose to discourage adulterous mating. WHAT?It looks WCmuch like a patch work than a well-proved fact. The researchers didn’t consider the era, the WFmedicine technologies available at the time and one of the most significant WORD MISSING?, REF?the WFreligion belief (You know, his/her life is in the hands of God…).


On the other hand, the harassment for the paternal grandmother could have one advantage. Her negative behaviour would STRAGE FORMULATION AND MEANING(bring only the most adaptable babies to survive). USE PROPER MODAL CTMaybe, AVOID THIS FRENCH EXPRESSIONwe could say that those babies were really INTERESTING!!from the grandmother’s son. Also, !!!we could say that those babies were the most intelligent and THE healthiest ones. WHAT?It’s a kind of sociological Darwinism.



1.            Do you know someone like Walter Mitty? In other words, what is mittyism?


I think that I know someone like Walter Mitty: my cousin. He doesn’t have exactly the same behaviour ASof Walter, but in some of his NUaction, it is easy to MEANING??(refer himself to Mitty).

First, my cousin is entirely in his own world. CONCERSATIONAL STYLE(Sure) he can have NUdiscussion with other people but SP(some times) you speak with him and you know that something his wrong with his MEANING??listening. When this FORMULATION(thing happen), I am not worried, I know that something totally crazy NS!his happening in his mind. NO MEANING HERE(In this time), I tell FRENCH!to myself that it’s probably because I COhad said something to inspire him in his imaginary world.

Another thing that makes me think that my cousin is like Walter Witty is the fact that he almost has the same experience ASthan Witty. I mean, in the text, AVOID FIRST PERSON REFERENCEwe COsaw the main character ASlike a surgeon, a lawyer PU a high WF!!ranker FRENCHcommandant etc. I know WHAT?it COhadn’t happened in his life, but in the life of my cousin, this NONSENSICAL(multiplication of job his real)! With Walter NO MEANING(we had pasted) four careers in half an hour; my cousin had more than ten jobs in a year (a cook, a NONSENSICAL WCseller, a waiter, SPa electrician, a MEANING??bath maker. That is the main action, even if it’s not exactly the same, THATwho COmake me NS!thing my cousin is ONin the list to be a Walter Mitty.

CIRCULAR!!(Mittisyim: It’s the problem which Walter Mitty has). Because this disease isn’t well-known by the doctorWHAT DOCTOR?!, we take the name of the major victim and GARBLED FORMULATION(with make it) sound like a disease!




2.            Case 1: Incomplete research

This theory is bizarre, and I’m wondering about the real MEANING?(suspicions of the research). MEANING??(To have better conclude), the WF!!scientific may COhad isolated the future mother with one of her NUmother-in-law. In this case we are sure that it’s ??in not another factor able to give stress to the mother REF??who will interfere in her pregnancy. The major problem of this research is the fact that the subject NShis NSto large and not well MEANING??surround to have credibility. UNINTERPRETABLE(Analyst should stop every other factor of stress during the pregnancy to have logical analyse.)


Case 2: Correct research

This theory, with the fact that ABSOLUTELYU NO MEANING(it bring can be possible). Even if we don’t know the WCproportion of NUmother evaluated, the argument about the NO MEANING AT ALL!(genetic transform a subject like that more scientific). FURTHERMORE…Still more, the theory could be VFelaborate with a complete WFanalyse of behaviour for NUmother-in-law, mother and child, to compare the genetic with final results. In this way, the conclusion could be support by more scientific AVOID THIS CHILDREN’S EXPRESSIONstuff.


“What is Mittyism?”


Mittyism is a kind of life IN which the person COimagine that REF?she’s NO MEANING(an other one). She often thinks about impossible situations, for example, BEING…to be a doctor who COcure someone of SPa illness that doesn’t exist or BEINGto be a NO SUCH WORDscienticists who COmake NUdiscovery that will change the world. It makes me think OF…about a young boy as AVOID 1ST PERSON REFERENCEwe see in movies who FRENCH USE OF THIS WORD!lives SPa unbelievable adventure and at the end of it, he wakes up and realizes that it’s just a dream. The people who have THE MOST CHANCES OF SUFFERING…more chances to suffer from Mittyism AREis the ones who are timid, effaced WC/NUperson and aren’t self-confident. They dream all day about situations that make them important and NO MEANING HERE(lovely) to escape from the reality.



“Infant Mortality: Trouble With The In-Laws”


If I WFwas in charge of ??(this) of a research project to check these results, I would like to analyse other birth records of other churches, in other countries. I also would look at the social condition of the family, the number of children in it and other characteristics that could influence the length of the children’s life. Also, I NONSENSICAL FORMULATION(should have to) check WC??in the grandmothers, the paternal and the maternal one, had lived in the same area ASof the family or not. I STRANGE(couln’t think) that the paternal grandmother may have an influence if she lives in a different WC!state and only sees her grand-children only once a year.


If the results of this research were true, there might be not only negative consequences on the lifetime of the children, but also positives ones. For example, the mother might have been well nourished and have taken care of herself during her pregnancy to show to her mother-in-law that she’s a good mother to stop MEANING?(the harassement of her). So, the baby was vigourous, had NO ARTICLE HERE!a good health and didn’t die during his childhood. NS!(An other) explanation FOR/OFto POSS.CT(the good health of the child) VERY PUZZLING CT(even if his grandmother was unbearable to his mother) could be that the grandmother FRENCH CT?(wanted absolutely that her grand-children live) for a long time to NS!insure THE PERPETUATION OF… her genetic material. So, even if the women were harassed by their mothers-in-law, they might have been helped by them during the pregnancy. The mother-in-law, who WCgot a lot of experience in this field, might have given !!!NUadvices to her daughter-in-law.



I used to know a Walter Mitty. His name WASis O.D. He had a disease called  FIND ENGLISH TERM“bi-polaire”. He lived in two different worlds, NO ARTICLEthe reality and CT(his mind’s reality). O.D. had been VFtaken pills PU not to cure his disease but TO HELP…for helping him to stay closer TO!from the real world. It was really hard for his family DELETE!(to be able) to understand him. One day, someone FC?MEANING??pursued him and the next morning everyone was laughing at him. Maybe no one had never understand him. He wrote a lot of songs WHICH…COand they weren’t talking about happiness. A week before his birthday, he killed himself at the age of 14 DELETE(years old). So it means that when you are a Walter Mitty it is not easy to accept your STRANGE WC(life style).


!!!2Si les caractéristiques des individus présentent des variations et que celles-ci sont héréditaires, les variations les plus propices à la survie et à la reproduction se transmettront mieux que les autres.


A) I COstudied a lot of theories but the one WC!who is related to my research is Darwin’s theory. VERY ODD STATEMENT(He knows that human inherit from their past generations). If the individual’s characteristics have some variations and they are hereditary, they could be favourable or not to VERY PUZZLING(their survivals). If a foetus COhad bad variations which are hereditary from his grandmother, he could die. THISIt means that Darwin’s theory also COconfirmed that a mother-in-law can have a fatal effect on her NONSENSE!(daughter-in law’s grandchild).



If the paternal grandmother COhad always VERY ODD FORMULATION(constrained her daughter-in-law about adultery), she would never be attracted by any other man. THISIt means that she MEANING?should not cheat on her husband. The grandmother might not say anything to her son because she might just want to confirm who the real father of her grandchild isIN WHAT WAY?. If she constrained her son as well, this family would become stronger and they might love each other for the rest of their lives. Because of this grandmother, the parents might respect each other. SOMEHOW, THIS CHAIN OF EVENTS SEEMS ONLY REMOTELY POSSIBLE!



  1. Mittyism


There are SP!alot of men like Walter Mitty. What does that mean? Mittyism, I think, is when a man is tired OF BEINGto be dominated by his wife. He imagines himself in different NUkind of jobs where he’s appreciated, where he’s not always forgotten. It means that he can’t live like WHAT?this anymore, he can’t be dominated by his wife anymore. He must VFregrets MAKES NO SENSE(to had never been angry before against her). There are WHY DO YOU SPELL THIS LIKE THIS?alot of women WHOthat CO!are dominating their NUhusband AS M’S WIFE DOESlike Mitty’s wife. My mother is the kind of woman who likes to control everything. I don’t think HER!his boyfriend will do the same thing ASthan Walter Mitty soon, but USE PROPER MODAL CTmay be that he will do it in a couple of years!





If I were in charge of a research project to check these results, I would CObe using other statistics to help explain this pattern of infant mortality. The habits of both parents and the financial situation of the family the two statistics I’d like to verify FINE. HOW WOULD YOU DO THAT WITH A PILE OF OLD CHURCH RECORDS?. CO!Are they drinking too much alcohol? CO!!Are they smoking? CO!!!Are they in debt? COCan they feed their children? If these questions are answered honestlyTHROUGH A CRYSTAL BALL?, it would surely help people MAKES NO SENSE(for the prediction on child’s future health).


                NS/USE PROPER MODAL CTMay be there’s something I don’t see but I think that FRENCH CT WITH ARTILCE!(a negative and harmful behaviour) WCfrom the paternal grandmother is not good for the foetus. The pregnant woman can be emotionally hurt by the paternal grandmother’s harmful behaviour. If the pregnant woman is not emotionally and physically in good shape , the foetus’s health can surely be affected in Athe negative way. MODAL CT!!May be that the negative behaviour of the grandmother mentally COreinforce the pregnant woman. The pregnant woman may be so motivated NO MEANING(in the fact that her child won’t be like her mother-in-law), that the child will have a better capacity of thinking and judging.





  1. What kind of person is Walter Mitty and what is ‘Mittyism’


Walter Mitty is a man who NUattempt to NUescape reality by creating his own virtual universe. In this INVENTEDcreated life, he can be whoever he wants and even a hero. These WFdaydreaming COoccurred at every time in the day PU whether he’s alone or not. ODD CT HEREThere’s not only Mitty who creates his own universe. All of us HAVE(had ever) DONE THIS…did it at least once. For example, when you’re thinking about what you should have said instead of what you have said in a past conversation and think about the results this answer could have produced  THE PRECEDING MATERIAL DOES NOT ‘CONNECT’ WITH WHAT FOLLOWS  is a kind of virtual universe created BY and known only TO…by ourselves. This mental process is “Mittyism”. I don’t know anyone who reminds me OF the exact person of Walter Mitty, but I can say that everyone can create his own universe and by doing this, is INDULGING IN…doing “Mittyism”.


  1. Against the Mother-in-law theory.


These theories about mother-in-law might be associations instead of causations PU because there may be more than the desire TOof ENSUREassuring the survival of the genetic material. In this research, there’s no mention OFabout the economic situation PU which is a proven link with early death. For example, if a mother-in-law is still alive in a poor family, it will not change the fact that they can’t have the benefits of WHY IS THIS ARTILCE HERE?a constant medical assistance which will result in an early death. On the other hand, a richer family with the same familial conditions might not have the same problem with health. So the research might be incomplete because if it CO!would have take NUconsiderations of the economic situations of the families, the results COmay have been different. BUT YOU SEE, THIS DOESN’T CORRELATE IN ANY OBVIOUS WAY WITH THE FACT THAT ONLY THE PATERNAL MOTHER-IN-LAW  SEEMS TO BE A FACTOR!


  1. For the Mother-in-law theory


The results of the sociobiology’s research about the mother-in-law might be correct because of the instinctive desire NO MEANING(of assuming) the survival of the genetic material. This harassment might be a positive aspect by forcing the young woman to act correctly for the family’s benefit. If the mother-in-law COwouldn’t care CONFUSING FORMULATION(about the certainty of her descendants are really hers), she may not be responding to her basics instincts which, as studied by Darwin, NUwants her MEANING?(materials) to evolve in the WCnext generations. So, if the mother-in-law’s behavior is directed by her basics instincts, CT(the sociobiology’s theories) might help us to understand the reasons FORof REF?their actions. INTERESTING! SO HOW DO THEY HELP??


1 – THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY                                                                                  


                The story of Walter Mitty is a very sad one. In fact, Walter Mitty is someone being manipulated by his social environment because he does not have NO ARTILCE HERE!an absolute control of his actions and WCso, his lifestyle : he’s a self-WC!erased person. Since a normal person has to have control over some part of NUtheir own life, Walter Mitty imagines a parallel world in which he is someone who WCtakes important decisions in this imaginary life. Things happening in real life are the elements starting his daydreaming. I don’t know ANYONEsomeone who is like WOstrictly like Walter Mitty, but someone who imagines different endings FORof THEa same situation.



2 – INFANT MORTALITY : TROUBLE WITH THE IN-LAWS                                              



                If I were in charge of a project to check these results, I would try to get more information about the REDUNDANT FORMULATION(conditions of the social environment) of the mother. I should also find OUTwhat NU/WO(are) the mental situation of the still-living grandmother HOW DO YOU PROPOSE TO DO THAT WITH A PILE OF OLD CHURCH RECORDS?. NS!Dependant ONof the mental WCstatus of the grandmother, some actions can be TAKENdone because she doesn’t have much WC!!tact and WF!spirit depth to solve any problem. For example, two people with different WHAT??(scholar degree) may not, and NONSENSICAL MEANING(evenly) can’t solve a problem the same way. FC!Finally, the study already done doesn’t consider NO MEANING(of two grandmothers still alive) : WCMay it neutralize the situation, or COwill children not survive until their first birthday either? We may also find what generally could be other reasons which WCconduct to the harassment of the pregnant or new mother.



                The advantage of the harassment may be that the first child (who will FC?eventually die) serves as a preliminary test. AVOID FIRST PERSON REFI explain: Pressure is exerted !(in) on the mother by the grandmother because NONSENSICAL(that last one) thinks her SONboy might not be the father of the baby. So she harasses the mother and THEnew-born baby COwill die. MEANING??(The second child parents will want,) the mother knows what is the grandmother’s reaction. In fact, the mother won’t have adulterous matings, MEANING?(so sure of it is the grandmother). Let’s see what may be advantages of harassment:

1)        The grandmother will be sure of REF??his “grandmaternity “ and, WRONG MEANING HERE(by the way,) the propagation of REF??his genetics.

2)        NU?REF?Child may improve his tolerance towards rough relationships, which will be transmitted from generation to generation, building a WC!supreme kind of people on earth. NAZI-SCHMAZI EUGENICS!



1. Walter Mitty


                I think that ‘Mittyism’ is related to people who escape reality by creating their own universe. This kind of day-dreaming is used by these people FORMULATION!(for escaped,) FORduring a short part of time, NO ARTICLE/POSITION OF THIS WORD!the reality. In their day-dream they can be whoever they want to be and do everything they’ve EVER DREAMED...dream of. It’s a way of WC(filling) the lack of something in their NUlife, like money, adventure or family. Its might be weird, but I think that we all do it sometimes or in NO MEANING HERE(some kind ways). I don’t really know a person who’s exactly WORDING(of the kind of Walter Mitty) but I can recognize WO(around me people) who sometimes FRENCH?(pass more times) thinking of what they should do or the way they should act instead of acting concretely.


2. Against the Mother-in-law theory

                I think that this theory goes a little hard on the WFmother-in-law behaviour. In general, CT(maternal grand-mothers as much as paternal grand-mothers) are so VFthrill to have a grand-child that the only NU??things they want to do AREN’T YOU CONTRADICTING YOURSELF HERE?(is to kill it). The problem with this research is that it has been FRENCH(realize) BASED...on records from 1720 and WHY THIS ARTICLE HERE??the life AT THAT...on this time was too different to advance such A strange theory. The researcher should have INCLUDEDtaken MANYmuch more factors in their evaluation OFon the paternal WFgrand-mother behaviour. If I were in charge of a research project to check these results, I COwould have verified the MEANING(way of life) of the families, AND the education and the healthcare that were given to children in those times. HOW WOULD YOU FIND SUCH INFORMATION?


    For the Mother-in-law theory


                As we have learn in biology classes, NO MEANING(at the basic), humans COreproduces themselves for the survival of the species. DO NOT START MAIN CLAUSE WITH CONJUNCTION!And what is WCbigger than that is that they want POSITION OF THIS WORD!(exactly) their genes to be VFreproduces in their offspring. If AVOID FIRST-PERSON REFERENCEwe think the way that paternal NU?REF?grand-mother seems to think, NO MEANING(it looks like been) acceptable that she should do anything possible for the continuation of her genes in her grand-child. Having this kind of negative and harmful behavior, will give the paternal grand-mother the assurance that she has FORMULATION(a strong WC/WOenough grand-child). She can be sure that, if the child COhad survived thisWHAT? he will be AVOID THIS WORD!ok for the rest of his life.   


1) Walter Mitty

This story is very interesting.


I think WHY THIS ARTICLE?the Myttyism is a mental illness HOW CAN AN ILLNESS BE ‘ABOUT’ SOMETHING?about hallucination. Mr. Mitty seems to have lost NO ARTICLE!the control of his imagination and he CIis making a lot a NUstory about anything. He COsaw the front cover of a magazine about the war, and a moment later, he CObecame a sergeant in the army. Mr. Mitty doesn’t seem to be able to stop the story. NO ARTICLE!!The reality stops it for him.


Mr. Mitty can have others problems. Some of the stories are related to !!!(the) self-esteem and a wrong perception of himself. He needs to be a hero INat the war or to save the life of a patient at the hospital as a great doctor. Lastly, AVOID FIRST-PERSON REFERENCE/CAPITALIZE!  i found this sentence very interesting : ‘I was thinking’. This is a nice way to talk about his illness to his wife. DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO IS ACTUALLY LIKE THIS?


2) Socio-biology

a) Mother-in-law in Germany: The association with the daughter-in-law


This text refers to an article published by the magazine The Economist and the effect of NU?REF?mother-in-law on NU?REF?new born baby.


The association between the mother-in-law and the NONSENSICAL WCinferences she CO/WC(could have made) is THIS WORDING IS NONSENSE(a non-sense). WFBase on the information provided, we cannot conclude anything about a nasty or a nice grandmother. The grandmothers could not HAVEmake such influence on NU?REF?WC?daughter and on the baby. An interesting question is:  What were the causes of the WFdeceased of these WF!!new-borns baby? THIS WAS THE QUESTION YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO ADDRESS!Without rational answers to this question, making such a NO MEANING(relation about) grandmothers is !!(a non sense).


The authors should have examined other statistics like the culture, the socio-economics and the annual income. By examining these data, USE PROPER MODAL CT(maybe the authors should have found) a relationship between the income of the family and their access to a doctor. This WCcan explain the WFdeceased of the new born baby who needed medical attention. WHY IN THE HELL MIGHT THIS BE HAPPENING WHEN THE PATERNAL –NOT MATERNAL- MOTHER-IN-LAW WAS ALIVE?The knowledge of medicine was not the same CONFUSING FORMULATION(at this WC!epoch ASthan today). What about NO MEANING(the number of frequentation) between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law? It would have been interesting to have some kind of information about it.WHERE WOULD YOU FIND SUCH INFORMATION? IN A PILE OF OLD CHURCH RECORDS? This can help to understand the real nature of NU?REF?mother-in-law and NUtheir effect on the new born baby. In brief, this study is not about causation but REDUNDANT FORMULATION(just merely) an association of data.


b) The mother-in-law’s effect


The statistics from the authors is impressive. With more than 23000 records of family from within one city, with more than a century of data, this is not merely an association of data but a real causal effect. As the authors have said, the mother-in-law have a direct influence a the new born baby by influencing the mother and by creating a strong relation.


This negative effect of paternal grandmother’s could be like a natural process of evolution. This relationship between the mother-in-law and the daughter could have a benefit effect on the society. The new born baby will be stronger and more prepared to live in a stress-related world. These results could explain the rapid adaptation of the population against the new technology.


The effect of the mother-in-law could be part of the natural selection in our society. We can add these results to the theory of Darwin.


1. Walter Mitty


My cousin is a bit like Walter Mitty.  He doesn’t talk a lot and he always seems to be in another world.  (Maybe it’s because he smokes something illegal…J)  One day, he told me that during the night he had communicated with a squirrel.  We all think that he imagined that!  Who can believe him?  Seriously, I think that “Mittyism” is THE CONDITION OF…someone who dreams so much that he CONFUSING FORMULATION!(becomes confused with the reality and his dreams).  He has a small world in his head.  HE IS…It’s THEa kind of person who doesn’t talk a lot because EVERYTHING…all happens in his head.  USE MODAL CTMaybe he thinks that nobody can VFunderstands so he doesn’t communicate with other people.



2. Trouble with the in-law


If I were in charge of a research project to check these results I would analyze other aspects PU/ SUCH AS…like the WFrelation between the woman and her mother-in-law before she got pregnantAND HOW WILL YOU FIND THIS IN THE CHURCH RECORDS?.  If they didn’t VFhad a good WFrelation before, the mother-in-law could CObe harassing the woman a lot more and could COhad a really bad influence on the infant.  On the other hand, if the two women had a good WFrelation before she got pregnant, the effect of harassment COcouldn’t be so serious.


The advantage in a paternal grandmother’s negative and harmful behaviour might be that if the daughter-in-law COhad lost a first child, the second time she will not take the chance VFto have a baby with another man than her husband.  She will know what her mother-in-law is able to do.  It is a good thing to discourage adultery.  Furthermore, the effect of harassment by the mother-in-law on the foetus might not be very bad because if the woman knows that her baby is really CT(the one of her husband) she will not have to NO SUCH EXPRESSIONstress about this.  She knows the truth and she also knows that she won’t have ANY NUproblem when the baby COwill born.




I do know someone like Walter Mitty. The person I know is one of my friends. Actually, he is always in a dream and THAT’S WHY…it’s the reason why he often forgets his responsibilities. Therefore, ‘Mittyism’ is a ‘disease’ which is very disturbing for the person who suffers FROM it but also for the people around him. It’s really difficult to understand my friend’s behaviour and his MEMORY LAPSES.lapse of memory.



2. a) I disagree with the results of this research HOW CAN YOU DISAGREE WITH RESULTS? THE CONCLUSIONS ARE WHAT YOU CAN DISPUTE. The behaviour of the paternal grandmother may be more connected with culture than genetic interest. If I were in charge of a research project to check these results, I would look for others statistics like the affective link between the paternal grandmother and the mother of the new born baby. AND WHERE MIGHT YOU FIND EVIDENCE OF THIS SORT? IN A PILE OF OLD CHURCH RECORDS??


b) The sociobiology theory is absolutely correct. There must be an evolutionary advantage in the paternal WFgrandmother behaviour. First of all, if the new born baby dies, it must certainly VFoccurs because the mother had an adulterous mating and she was really nervous during her pregnancy. Secondly, if the new born child dies, it can be also due to the bad quality of his genetic material. In an evolutionary sense, he was maladjusted and he had to die anyway.


In both cases, THEpaternal grandmother has an advantage VERY CONFUSING FORMULATION(to have a harmful behaviour for reproduce her genetic material.)



1.         Of course I know someone like Walter Mitty PU for WFwho the limit between THE imaginary and real world can be very thin. FRENCH EXPRESSION?(I can say that) her life is SOMEWHATa bit similar TOlike his, but certainly not as extreme. Sometimes she can easily imagine herself being killed in the street, or kidnapped by aliens when she COsaw or heard things that remind her OF some specific situations (movies, NU/SPflash back) and it seems so ODD FORMULATION(near to the reality) that she can’t BELIEVEthink that’s not true. Mittyism seems to be a THIS WORD IS NOT USED IN THIS WAYquite weird phenomenon in which people live in their own imaginary NUworld, but it can also be interesting if you consider all the imagination it NUtake to create and believe these crazy scenarios…AVOID THIS USE OF PU


2.         Of course, THEREit may be an association between THEpaternal SPgrandmothers behaviour and infant mortality but this can’t explain ODD FORMULATION(only by itself) the whole phenomenon. Indeed, others factors may also explain small parts of it: FRENCH EXPRESSION?quality of life), nutrition, medication, sanitary conditions, physical and mental health of the mother, premature birth, WHAT?!(birth mortality), etc. We also have to consider THE FACT THAT…that if the 1720-1874 years had been as advanced in technology as the current society (caesarean, NONSENSICAL WCgreatest hospital cares, etc.), infant mortality might have been less FC!!important. More research is VFneed to determine the contribution of each factors AVOID THIS FORMULATION!and/or combination of them to infant mortality.


Living organisms DON’Tdoesn’t exist for themselves, they exist to allow the reproduction of their genes and the transmission of their genotypes with the best quality POSSIBLEthey can.  So it is quite normal for a paternal grandmother to do anything she can to ensure the reproduction of her own genetic inheritance. So, what’s the matter WITHof continuing to harass her daughter-in-law during her pregnancy (taking the risk of negatively VFinfluence her real grandchildren). Well, it’s quite simple,PU / CONFUSING BLEND OF REAL/NON-REAL CO if this little monster weren’t sufficiently adapted and stronger to survive it’s too bad, another grandchildren would grew up and might ensure a better quality of genetic transmission.



Trouble with the in-laws




  1. If i were in charge of a research project to check these results, i would probably check for more fresh NUresult. What i mean is i probably COstart a SPlong term study on SPa CT(actual good sample of population). A good sample WCwill be a group from every social FRENCH USE OF THIS WORDstanding.Also if i were in charge of this study and i COwant to EXPLAIN THIS TERM(anphase) the in-law effect, i would certainly look for a population IN WHICHwho these kinds of effect can be seen. THIS IS NOT A SENTENCEA population IN WHICHwho the in-law effect, NO SUCH USE OF THIS WORD(stress) so much the pregnant girls that they could VF!lost their SPbabys. In this way i could show !(to) people that the in-law WCtrouble VFexist.





  1. In these NUkind of theory it’s WF(more esay) to be SP!againts. DO NOT START MAIN CLAUSE WITH CONJUNCTION!!But we have to be really SPcarefull SPcause we can be SPagaints a theory because we don’t like the idea. Just look in the past and think of SP!Copernic and SP!!Gallilé. So we have to keep our distance from such NUtheory instead of killing them. Fisrt of all the problem of this theory IS THAT IT DOESN’T…don’t talk about the social fact. SP!CONJUNCTION!!Cause the in-law trouble can be related TOwith a social WCeffect. What i mean is the authors of this study don’t tell us in what type of family they took NS!!there numbers. THIS SENTENCE IS UNINTERPRETABLECause in this time some poor NUfamily can be more religious in keep their mind really clause of the SPchristians law. CONJUNCTION!!!And in this kind of family the pressure can be higher. You have to produce AVOID THIS WORDkids, and be like that LIKE WHAT? and UNINTERPRETABLE(do this in the more important thihg give me a boy). Such NUattitude can be SPstressfull and can cause CT(problem to pregnant girl). For having VF??working on research NUproject AVOID FIRST PERSON REFERENCEi can tell you, you can do everything with the numberWHAT NUMBER?. If you want to ???(anphase) an effect you can with NU?number.



Walter Mitty


These kind of PEOPLEperson are NO MEANING(‘’ erase people’’) in real life, RUN-ON SENTENCE they are not people who will make more noise in a party, they are not people who will take the lead of a group or a debate. Often they look like WC??absent people even if they COwas there.These NUkind of people VFbuilt a parallel universe. THIS RHETORICAL STYLE OF STRANDING INCOMPLETE SENTENCES AND SENTENCE PARTS IS COMMON IN FRENCH, BUT VERY UNUSUAL (AND IRRITATING) IN ENGLISH A universe built with what they dream of , what they would like to accomplish, what they would like to be, in fact NS!!there NUmind are always in A science fiction movie. This universe NUhelp them to confront REF?(the) day to day life and give REF??us NO ARTICLE HERE!a security. In reality VERY CONFUSING FORMULATION(we’ve got all a Walter Mitty in us but TOat different NUdegree). When you think NS!your a bird and you would like to fly like it or feel the sensation, you are a Walter Mitty. NUDream give us NUgoal, energy , hope and help us to escape from the day-to-day WORD MISSING?.