Some suggested corrections for the review exercises.


Build complex sentences with adjective clauses.


A            I saw the boy again.

B            You were supposed to fix his mother’s chain-saw.


I saw that boy again –the one whose mother’s chain-saw you were supposed to fix!


A            There’s a man on the phone.

B            There’s a warning about him on the Internet.


On the phone, there’s a man about whom there has been a warning on the Internet.


A            Several children had dreams about Dracula.

B            Most of their mothers forgot to disconnect their cable-vision.


Several children, most of whose mothers had forgotten to disconnect their cable-vision, had dreams about Dracula!


A.           These are the same mothers!

B            We have been hearing about their past lives in the Motor-Manic Club!


These are the same mothers whose past lives in the Motor-Manic Club we have been hearing about!


Silent reading: Check the position of the accent in the following words.













specificity (cf. specifically)


















Listen to the teacher's pronunciation of the tag-questions and circle the letter, "a" or "b", corresponding to the appropriate meaning.


1.                        You're a Computer Science student, aren't you

a) = What does "hexadecimal" mean? Rising

b) = Listening to you bores me to tears! Falling


2.                        There's room in your car for a hitch-hiker, isn't there

a) = Would you mind taking me to Montreal with you? Rising

b) = If you lend your car to your crazy sister, remember that she'll probably pick up hitch-hikers! Falling


3.                        That's your baby in the back left row, isn't it

a)        = He looks just like your brother, Jonathan -poor child! Falling

b)        = He's the only one here with hair like yours. Hmm... Rising


4.                        You don't like migraine headaches, do you

a)        = I'm warning you, that concert you're going to tonight will be awful! Rising

b)        = Going to that concert tonight was a good idea. The party they're having at home tonight is full of booze-guzzling, cigar-smoking, loud-mouthed clods. Falling


5.                        Your Mom is no fan of Maman Dion, is she

a)        = I can't believe this! Is it true? Does she really video-tape all of those silly shows? Rising

b)        = Every time I come over here, you're cleaning the eggs and rotten tomatoes off of the television set! Why doesn't your Mother just watch some other show she likes? Falling


Create the compound adjectives with the appropriate nouns.


an old horse with one eye is old horse!

a hammer that weighs sixteen ounces is a... sixteen-ounce hammer!

a house-plant that eats meat is a... meat-eating house-plant!

a letter of resignation that has been written quickly is a... quickly-written letter of resignation!

a hole that goes three inches into the wall is a... three-inch (deep) hole in the wall!

a kid whose face has freckles is a... freckle-faced kid!

a graduation speech that has been carefully rehearsed is a... carefully-rehearsed graduation speech!

a wild tiger that eats men is a... wild, man-eating tiger!

a cough remedy that acts fast is a... fast-acting cough-remedy!

a kind of oil-paint that is slow to dry is... a slow-drying oil-paint!


Punctuate the following text correctly, and insert pronouns (and prepositions) as required.


Once upon a time, there was a kingdom that had no king.  There was, however, an infamous Cannibal Queen, of whom all the citizens were terrified.  The Cannibal Queen had a pack of trained Daschunds, several of whose tails had been cut short.  Every full moon, the Cannibal Queen would set her trained Daschunds loose in the capital city, looking for little boys and girls whose parents had forgotten to keep them carefully locked indoors.  Then the Daschunds, with their tongues hanging out and their stubby little tails wildly wagging, would go up to the little boy or girl, who, of course, didn't suspect a thing, pretend to want to play with them, and lead them back to the lair of the Cannibal Queen, all of which took thirty or forty minutes at the most.  Most of the children I am talking about didn't actually have a mother or father to whom they could run for help.  All they had waiting for them at home was a T.V. and a "T.V. Dinner" with a note that said which shows not to watch and how to warm up the food.


Complete the sentences, respecting grammar and context. Example:


"Yesterday, Olga's poodle Polly ate some wax fruit at the Dollarama, and the manager kicked them out of the store!"

*            If  Polly hadn't eaten that wax fruit, the manager wouldn't have kicked them out!


1.                        "Yesterday, Ludmilla offered to keep Polly while Olga went back to the Dollarama to apologize to the manager."

*                        Olga would not have been able to go see the manager if... Ludmilla hadn’t offered to keep Polly.



2.                        "Some of the colouring was mildly toxic, and Polly is having bad digestion today."

*                        If Polly hadn't eaten the pretty fruit with the toxic colouring, she...wouldn’t be having / wouldn’t have bad digestion today.



3.                        "Polly is the sort of animal that will try to eat anything pretty, which is why Olga has to be so careful when she takes her out."

*                        Olga wouldn't have to be so careful when she goes out with Polly if she... (she = Polly) weren’t the sort of animal that will try to eat anything pretty; (she = Olga)…if she had disciplined that silly animal in puppy-hood.



4.                        "Leaving Polly with relatives is risky. Something always gets eaten or soiled."

*                        Whenever Polly stays with a baby-sitter, she... invariably eats or soils something –like a priceless Persian carpet, or a display of top-quality imported shrunken heads.



5.                        "Leaving Polly with Ludmilla tonight is not a good idea. There may be a big dry-cleaning bill!"

*                        If Olga leaves Polly with Ludmilla tonight, she... may get stuck with a whopping bill from the dry-cleaners!



6.                        "Polly has unusual language skills, and can recognise fifteen different colours. That's probably why Olga doesn't care so much about Polly's little messes."

*                        If Polly didn't have such remarkable gifts, Olga... didn’t have such remarkable characteristics, Olga might not care so little about Polly’s little messes.



7.                        "It was thanks to Wladimir, Olga's parrot, that Polly was able to develop her special talents. Wladimir taught Polly everything she knows."

*                        Without Wladimir, Polly... would never have developed all of her special talents.



8.                        "Unfortunately, parrots are very pretty, and Wladimir was an especially pretty parrot. Polly must have thought so, because she kept trying to eat him. Perhaps that's why he escaped from the house and disappeared forever."

*                        If Polly hadn't chased and tormented Wladimir, he... might not have escaped and disappeared forever.



9.                        "Polly cannot sit in the living room today, because she hasn't finished digesting that wax fruit."

*                        If Polly finished digesting that wax fruit, she... she would be able to sit in the living room.


10.                   "Polly is just too intelligent and curious for a dog. That is a possible reason why she couldn't control herself yesterday in the store."

*             If Polly weren't such a clever dog, she... might have been able to control herself in the store yesterday.