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Students should receive partial or total tuition-fee refunds for outstanding academic performance (whether per term, per year, or per degree).


Appartment-dwellers who use suspended-weight technology to generate domestic electricity should receive subsidies from the elecric company.


Unreformed recreational drug-users, drinkers, and smokers should be denied brain, liver, and lung transplants, respectively.


Drunken drivers must choose between losing their licenses permanently and having alcohol-sensitive nausea-inducing devices surgically implanted in their bowels.


Women who have state-sponsered (i.e., taxpayer-subsidized) abortions must adopt foster children.


Government-certified Marijuana-users must submit to regular IQ and personality tests (and face the possibility of having their permits revoked).


Users of self-contained high-performance composting toilets should get generous water-meter credits from the municipality.


Drivers who voluntarily surrender their combution-engine vehicles to the state should receive unlimited use year-passes for the bus and subway.


Welfare recipients should be allowed to prolong their periods of eligibilty by taking on small jobs under ministerial supervision (e.g., road-building, mine-sweeping, baby-sitting, and accompanying immigrants).