Use the underlined material to create the missing compound adjectives. You may have to use words that are not actually in the sentence –or there may be no hints at all.


The Ministry of Leisure and Finance has a new, very skilful minister. She answers all of the public's queries with statements that are crafted carefully by his committee of experts. She always replies to everything with a carefully-crafted statement.


The minister used to be an impresario for the famous rock-group, "Vandals In Sandals". She is known everywhere. The minister is a well-known person.


The minister's committee is highly efficient. When there is an issue to deal with, they consult at once and come up with an effective solution. It is like medicine that acts fast. The committee always produces a fast-acting remedy.


The minister has a machine that she uses to shred her private papers.

She has a paper-shredding machine.


It looks old-fashioned with its beige panels, and it weighs one-hundred kilograms. She has an old-fashioned-looking, beige-panelled, one-hundred kilogram paper-shredder.


She hides it under her desk, just to be careful. It is her carefully-hidden secret.


When she wants to send a private letter to a wealthy supporter, she seals the envelope with a special glue that dries very quickly. She seals it with a special, quick-drying glue.


Her secretary has a crush on her. He chews gum during his breaks and strums the mandolin. She has a gum-chewing, mandoline-strumming admirer in her office.


It is an old instrument that the guitarist for Vandals In Sandals sold him at a party. It is about two feet long and has a reddish colour. It is a twofoot-long, reddish-coloured instrument.


This poor secretary is not a very attractive specimen. His face is pimply, and his nose is as oily as the Spanish coast. He is a pimply-faced, oily-nosed Romeo!


Fill out the table, as in the example. Write your results, indicating the accent pattern.

1   a bill worth three dollars!

A three-dollar bill!

2   a violin that is  ninety years old!

a ninety-year-old violin

3   a pass to use the buses for three years!

a three-year bus-pass

4   a grasshopper with green eyes and  long legs!

a green-eyed long-legged grasshopper

5   a tarantula with tan stripes weighing two pounds!

a tan-striped two-pound tarantula

6   fragrant ointment for Athlete’s Foot!

a fragrant Athlete’s Foot ointment

7   a soliloquy that is exceedingly insolent!

an exceedingly insolent soliloquy

8   a flower from a hot-house that eats flesh!

a flesh-eating hot-house flower

9   a marriage that lasted six days!

a six-day marriage (cf.: a six-day-long marriage)

10 a marriage that has lasted six days!

a six-day-old marriage

11 a marriage that has lasted for a long time!

a long-lasting marriage

12 a curse that was quietly rehearsed!

a quietly-rehearsed curse

13 a curry of sturgeon stomachs, cooked quickly!

a quickly-cooked sturgeon-stomach curry

14 a soup made of parsley that smells stale!

a stale-smelling parsley soup (remember that for recipes, you don’t have the usual ‘compound accent’, **parsley soup.

15 a gargoyle with a grotesque grin!

a grotesquely-grinning gargoyle

16 a boxing-ring with four corners!

a four-cornered boxing-ring

17 a fern from the forest that releases oxygen

an oxygen-releasing forest fern

18 a boxing champion who hits hard and breaks records!

a hard-hitting, record-breaking boxing champion

19 a bird with a brain the size of a pea!

a pea-brained bird

20 a rattlesnake that thinks slowly, strikes quickly, and swallows beach-balls!

a slow-thinking, beach-ball-swallowing rattlesnake

21 a disease of exotic trees that is discussed a lot (use ‘much’)

a much-discussed exotic tree disease