Tag-Questions. Listen to the teacher, and circle the appropriate context.



1.                You arenít going out with that weird slob from the Linguistics department, are you

Approval†††††††† †††† /†††† Disapproval



2.                You do know how to use that tool, donít you

Concern††† †††††††† /†††††††† Indifference



3.                You donít really want your parents to see you here, do you

Placing pressure†††† /†††† Realization



4.                You can hold your breath longer than Cťline Dion, canít you

Amazement†††††††† /†††††††† Perplexity



5.†††††††† You left the oxygen valve open, didnít you

Sheer panic /†††††††† Reminder



Some tag-questions in the dentistís office.



S/Q†† We gave you a toothbrush with stiff bristles last visit, didnít we


○ What do you mean, you havenít brushed your teeth for six months?!

○ It looks like youíve worn the enamel right off. Weíll have to give you an extra soft brush this time.



S/Q†† You donít have fluoridated water in your town, do you


○ Considering your overall personal hygiene, your teeth are remarkably intact.

○ The last time I saw a mouth like yours, I was doing volunteer work in the Amazonian jungle!



S/Q†† You havenít seen a hypnotist yet about your bruxism, have you


○ It looks like you are still grinding your teeth a lot.

○ It seems as though you havenít been grinding your teeth as much as before.



S/Q†† You remember what this machine is for, donít you


○ Did we use a local or a complete anaesthetic last time for this?

○ You obviously have less than fond memories of your last experience with it..



S/Q†† You want me to finish this by five, donít you


○ We should have you out of here in time for your friendís funeral, no problem.

○ If you donít stop squirming and biting the drill and kicking the hygienist, weíll never get you out of here on time for your friendís funeral!