ANL 14959†††††† Fall 2002Instructor: JoŽl Finley††††††††††††††††



Where do we start? What's it all about?


Language skills can be graded according to the needs of the user:


Basic description (identification of things, narration , description, and prediction of events, detail of procedures, description of time and manner of action or events)


Explanation (identificationofcause and description of effect)


Argumentation (complex descriptions used to persuade and convince, or to describe situations and describe or discover their causes)


Personal and artistic expression (very complex combinations of the previous skills)


These skills can be associated with parts of the grammar:


Basic descriptions: nouns, compound nouns, articles, adjectives, compound adjectives, adjective clauses; simple tenses, progressives, and perfects; infinitives and gerunds; adverbs of time and manner


Explanation: noun clauses, adverbial clauses, clauses with conjunctions of cause and effect, the various "futures", conditionals for predictions and warnings, passives


Argumentation: modals, conditionals for making hypothesese


In this course, we will proceed from the most basic to the most sophisticated of these grammar points.


How is it all done?


Discussion and activities in class, listen-and-repeat exercises in the lab, reading and writing at home, and review exercises from the book (with correction keys on the web-site -address to be announced).


What about oral skills?


The emphasis will be on listening to cassettes (at home) and discussing or debating them in class. You will have to make some recordings yourself, too.


What about tests?


There will be short grammar and vocabulary tests on at least four occasions (dates to be announced). The mid-term and final exams will recapitulate the grammar, vocabulary, and special oral skills taught to date.


What about points?


See item "6". The criteria for the homework are very simple: Do the work as required and get it to me on time. Just satisfy these two requirements, and you will get full marks (30%).


What was that about a web-site?!


Correction keys for independent-study exercises (from the book and elsewhere) will be available on-line. Instructions for homework will be repeated there too, just in case, and your grades will be regularly compiled for your convenience. Cool, isn't it?