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Review material, exercises, and tutorials

Course Outlines, Homework, and Student Results
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Letters from the students!
Poems and Speeches
Review material, exercises, and tutorials
The Life-Line
Recordings and (some) transcriptions
Short Stories and Articles
Some notes on rhetoric, grammar, and phonology

Here is a summary of our recent discussion of time expressions based on 'since', 'ever since', 'until', and 'by the time'.

A table of examples of Franco-Latinate and Anglo-Saxon doublets.

A brief introduction to the four types of verb-verb contruction.

How to conjugate with 'must/have to' (Duty vs. Certainty)

Position of the Adverb


Choosing the right conjugation: some easy exercises, with answers. (Try the first five.)

Tutorial on relative clauses, with one exercise correction-key -in progress

Here are the Correction Codes used with essays.

Introductory illustration of compound adjectives

Here is an exercise in creating compound adjectives, with answers AND pronunciation cues.

Here are some more exercises with keys.

Great Scot! Where are we!